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Soul Medicine Art Process

My art practice developed as a system for personal self-reflection and insight. It has now evolved into seeking insight into the life journey and empowerment of You!

To create these uniquely individual pieces, we undergo a structured process. First, We enter into an agreement to collaborate together. We both set the intention to put our personal agendas aside about what the art will look like, so there is no attachment to what the outcome will be. After we connect in conversation, I will embark upon a shamanic drum journey, at our agreed upon time, to determine the elements that will be included in the art. The intention of this journey is generally 'what colours, shapes, symbols and frequencies are necessary to inspire personal empowerment and reflect the soul essence of this person.' After the drum journey, which usually lasts 15-30minutes, (and can be done at a distance) I take notes and lay down the groundwork. Before working on the details, I tune back into our journey and hold the intention that the images I see emerging from the groundwork are specific to you.  As the imagery is drawn out, a non-linear story emerges to be reflected upon, interpreted and received. Animals, symbols and nature inspired imagery are frequently present. The art work is intentionally small making it an intimate object you can hold close to your heart.

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