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photo of Geneva wearing a blue  blouse with the forest visible behind.

Geneva Jacobs

I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (ACCT #3259) with a passion for breathwork, emotional intelligence, cultivating compassionate connections, creativity and the natural world. I am an artist and an herbalist in my spare time, who loves ritual and ceremony. I also have a background in childcare and facilitate parenting groups. My sensitive, curious nature loves digging in and going deep to reveal your inner wisdom. My kind, patient side loves tending a safe, spacious container for you to unfurl and emerge from. I weave approaches based in attachment theory, somatic therapy, parts work, emotionally focused work, family systems and beyond.

My life experiences brought me through family traumas, grief, depression, anxiety, medical crisis, infertility, relationship issues, sexual issues, religious issues, spiritual crisis and more. Years ago, I embarked on a quest to find ease with life and confront my pain. I found counselling was the key. It helped me unravel feelings of worthlessness, despair, and disconnection transforming them on a journey of self-discovery and growth. This evolutionary path brought a new sense of embodiment, altering my thought patterns and allowed me to find ease in my being.  Counselling has aligned me with my true self, enriched my relationships and enabled me to trust that the world is a supportive place.


These shifts are not unique to me. We all have profound capacity for change, once we choose to embrace it.

As your guide on this healing journey, I bring my professional expertise along with processes and tools from various modalities, and my personal transformation experience. Having been through the process of counselling enables me to attune with you and help you navigate your way. Together, we will explore your challenges, uncover patterns and defenses, and equip you with tools for meaningful change. I encourage you to bring your whole self including, your messy parts, your shadow, your light, your dreams and even your magical self to sessions.  Let’s embark on this journey towards loving your life, embracing your humanity, and finding joy in your everyday existence.

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