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This shamanic process includes 2 Sessions with the artist, the original artwork and a recording of the drumming. Here's the break-down:


The initial session is for us to connect and do the shamanic drum journey. Following this session, I create your unique piece which is full of magic and healing gifts. There is often information to be shared that might not be easily conferred in the art alone. So, we have another session together after the artwork has been completed. This will help you integrate the experience and understand what is contained in the artwork. I will also email you a recording of the drumming so you can drop in to yourself and meditate with your art. Most importantly, you receive the original artwork that will last a lifetime.


This multi-faceted experience is $500.

Upon request for a commission, you will be sent an email, so we can schedule a time to connect either in person or on Zoom. Following that, the initial session the artwork emerges. Once completed we can schedule our Integration Session to close the process together. 

Each piece is 5x7 inch matted to fit in an 8x10 inch frame (frame not included). They are created with archival quality acrylic inks on coldpressed watercolour paper.

Payment options and plans can be arranged.


I'm so honoured to do this work for you!

How you can get the most out of your piece:

These are meant to be personal and intimate treasures, something you can hold in your hand and sit with... They are useful as a meditation tool, you can let your imagination flow and journey into them yourself, they can act like an oracle, they are a powerful centering device when you are frazzled or simply allow them to activate inspiration.. They are great Altar pieces or placed somewhere you can see them everyday, like your bedside table.


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