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Set of 4 Greeting Cards Inspired by Ho'oponopono

Thank you - I'm Sorry - I Love You - Forgive Me


These cards are an invitation to heal yourself and deepen connection wih the people you love.


Each of theses phrases are powerful on their own. When used with the intention of reconciliation, to resolve an upset within yourself they combine into a very potent healing tool. They become extra potent when you can extend them out to repair any ruptures that (inevitably) occur in relationship.


Here is how I use these cards as a map to healing. first, I think of "Thank you" as acknowledging and being grateful for the opportunity to see the hurt part that has shown up in response to whatever situation. Then I bring in sympathy and care to that hurt part with "I'm Sorry" letting feelings arise and move through. "I Love You" is when I shift into compassion, nurturing and acceptance. Once I get to "Forgive Me" I come into responsibility, feel the recapitulation within myself and the strength to reach for repair to what ever is on the other side of my initial upset. This is just one way of working with these phrases there are many more. I encourage you to explore and connect with the plethora of wisdom that has been shared about Ho'oponopono.


I am so grateful to Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona a kahuna lapaʻau from Hawaiʻi who was guided by spirit to teach and share this way of healing with the world. I am also grateful to her student Dr. Hew Len who expanded the teachings even further, zeroing in on the 4 phrases that these cards are based on.

Ho'oponopono Inspired Greeting Card Set

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