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Yew+Me=Alchemy Sessions


I offer one-on-one sessions to lend a hand on your journey. We all need help now and again. I am here to assist you in moving forward. I am a breath work facilitator, an herbalist and more.


It is a 3 session format. In the 1st session we sit down together (this can be in person or on Zoom) and I listen to what has come up for you and what you desire moving forward. We make a plan considering the tools I know to take some action when we next meet.


In our 2nd session we take action together. It could be a facilitated breath work experience, a herbal protocol, a guided visualization, a drum journey, a ritual, or a rite of passage. It could be whatever we agree feels necessary or suitable.


In our 3rd session we reflect and integrate the experience together. We tie off any loose ends. We complete our process together. (This one is best done a week or 2 after our 2nd session.)


You can expect confidentiality and respect from me as you take responsibility for your precious self. If you have questions before you commit to working with me I offer free 15 minute discovery calls.

Each session is sliding scale $75-150


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